I promised more posts so here we go! I know you all come here for running and triathlon stuff, and I will 100% get to some running stuff here in a minute. Keep reading!

I started this journey in November and am still on the path to attempt a bikini competition in May. I know the word bikini throws everyone off and they think I’m going on a stage at a Spring Break bar or something. That is NOT what I mean by bikini competition. I mean, the bikini competition with MUSCLES.

I’ve learned a lot since November about what the bikini category entails and I’ll share some of these things with you all. First, there are several organizations that host bodybuilding competitions. Don’t ask me the differences in them because I don’t know them yet. I’m just going off of my coach’s recommendation. Second, within these organizations there are different categories and classes. Finally, I’m planning on competing at an NPC event.

“The National Physique Committee (NPC) is the largest amateur bodybuilding organization in the United States. Amateur bodybuilders compete in competitions from local to national competitions sanctioned by the NPC. … The NPC also sanctions bodybuilding fitness and figure competitions across the United States.” – Wikipedia

Within the NPC there are different events. They are as follows:
– Bodybuilding
– Physique
– Bikini
– Fitness
– Figure
– Wellness

Each event has specific judging criteria and rules. Some of these rules dictate the size of the clothing you should wear (no thongs!), and what your muscles should look like. The events then get broken down by classes – which include height and can also include age and experience. If you want to win you need to be the complete package – fitness, hair/makeup, posing, etc. The best body isn’t always the winner!

I chose bikini because I think it’s the most entry level of them all and I don’t want to put on a lot of muscle. (Remember, my end goal for all of this is to be leaner to be able to run a bit faster and stay healthy!) To date I am down 12 pounds and I got my first concerned, “Don’t lose too much more!” comment. Not to worry friends, once this is over I will try to stay at a healthy weight.

I want to address a few things with regards to what I’ve heard/seen based on this lifestyle:

  1. It is not sustainable to look the way competitors looks on stage everyday. I repeat IT IS NOT SUSTAINABLE. So if you see someone who doesn’t look as ripped as they do when they compete then they are doing it right! Also, please try not to comment on that. *eyeroll*
  2. YES, I know some people compete and then gain a lot of weight right after. I’m hopeful I won’t do this, and I’ve read all the articles on it. I do plan to regain weight and go back to a normal, healthy weight for me. The key, as far as I have read, is to reverse diet so that I get to a weight that is healthy and happy FOR ME. Reverse dieting is the diet after the diet, so to speak. It will get me back to a sustainable weight that again – is healthy for me, and will help me not lose all control and eat myself into oblivion.
  3. I know that having super low body fat as a woman is unhealthy. As is having super high body fat. (Though no one has said anything to me about that… hm….) Please refer to #1 and #2.

I’ve not yet gotten my bikini and the shoes I ordered were too small so I’ll get a bigger size and keep you all posted. I know you are dying to hear about my lucite heels! Ha!

I’m doing really well in terms of the nutrition. I am struggling when I have PMS and on work weekends because the long days make me tired and more likely to eat something crappy that’s nearby. I’d say I’m about 98% sticking to the plan. The workouts are also going well. I am doing one-on-one sessions with my coach because I need all the help I can get in the glutes department. As it turns out, I have no butt. I thought I did for the longest time! (Obviously, this is relative to competing in a bikini competition where glutes are very extremely important!)

And now for that running part…

I ran a 24:04 5K on Saturday and really surprised myself. I have done ZERO speed work since November and my runs have felt very slow and ho-hum. I am a race day runner so I can attribute that time to the fact that adrenaline often helps me…and the weather was perfect! I got 3rd in my AG. I will take it! The coach in me wants to point out that the strength I’ve built and the fat loss has certainly helped with the speed I was able to keep. Mind you, my recent 5Ks have been in the low 23’s, so I’ve lost some of it, but not nearly as much as I expected.

That’s it for now. I will check back in soon and hopefully I can post some posing videos so we can all have a good chuckle!