I Heart Finish Lines

I finally added tabs after blogging since 2009 and it took me quite some time to compile my race reports. (They are in reverse chronological order.) Enjoy!

Father’s Day Race Report 6/21/09 – A 5K with Big Sis to remember our awesome dad.
Lion’s Eye for Sight 3/28/2010 – An awesome local 5K.
Run thru Hell 7/11/2010 – Hot. As. Hell.
Turkey Trot 11/30/2010 – I love turkey trots.
Run thru Hell 7/18/2011 – Still. Hot. As. Hell.
Turkey Trot 11/27/2011 – Mug me!
Turkey Trot 11/22/2012 – Mug me again!
Run to Remember 5K 3/2/2013 – My running return after a long break.
Irongirl 5K 4/14/13 – Not as fast as I’d like but good enough to earn bling.
Another Father’s Day 5K 6/16/13 – Ah, June racing. How I loathe you.
Turkey Trot (5K + 10K) 11/28/13 – The coveted mug and a new 5K PR!
Irongirl 5K 4/13/14 – Another age group award at the very bridge-y 5K.
Running for All Children 5K 5/10/14 – Third place overall (it was a small race!)
Sunshine Festival 5K 7/4/14 – A fun 5K in Georgia
Turkey Trot 5K 11/2714 – There will come a day when I don’t get a mug. This was not that day.
Running of the Donuts 5K I can podium if eating is involved.
Nola Blue Doo 2 Miler Not a 5K but I’m sticking it here anyway. Ha!
Richard’s Run for Life 5K 11/6/15 – The race report I didn’t want to write.
Turkey Trot – 11/26/15 – Not my best, but still got the coveted mug!

Midnight 10K 7/4/2011 – One and done. This race was hot!
New Orleans RnR 10K 1/25/15 A fun jalk with my preggers sis & stuffy nose.
Best Damn Race Orlando 10K 2/28/15 A return to the 10K distance. It did not suck.
Rock N Roll Las Vegas 10K 11/15/15 A new 10K PR!

Gasparilla Mini Challenge (15K & 8K) 3/5/2012 – A 15K that I crashed and burned and an 8K as a pirate! Arrrghh!
Gate River Run 15K 3/14/15 –  Another 15K disaster.
Strawberry Classic 15K 3/21/15 A wrong turn, but I’m still calling it a PR.

First Foray into Mutlisport (It’s a mess.) 7/19/09 – Exactly what the link says.
My First Triathlon 8/1/2010 – Fun times on a road bike with pedals.
Escape from Ft De Soto 4/17/2011 – Now we’re talking….
St. Anthony’s 5/3/2011 – Should have ridden 25 miles prior to racing 25 miles.
Florida Challenge Olympic Triathlon 6/13/2011 – Should have ridden hills prior to racing hills.
Moss Park Olympic Triathlon 7/11/2011 – Now I’m getting the hang of it.
Top Gun 8/1/2011 – Awesome day, awesome race!
Augusta 1/2 IM – Relay 9/27/2011 – Relay with my team Two Chicks and a Rick
St. Anthony’s (2/3 of it anyway) 5/1/2012 – Proudly took my DNF and drank a lot of beer.
Top Gun 7/30/2012 – Did I mention I love this race?
Dash N Splash 9/12/2012 – Oh snap. Pool swimming AND running? Swoon.
Augusta 1/2 Ironman 10/3/2012 – BEST. RACE. EVER.
St. Anthony’s 4/28/13 (relay) Fun times with my relay team!
Dunedin Sprint Tri. Sorta. 6/9/2013 Flat tires abound as I take my second DNF. And drank a lot of beer.
Top Gun 7/27/12 Holy eff. I may actually be a cyclist.
Scenic 17 7/28/13 Back to back sprints. SUPER fun.
Courage to Tri 8/24/13 Another fun little sprint.
Frogman 5K Open Water Swim Who knew a 5K swim would be so far?
HITS Ocala 70.3 half ironman Noah’s Ark weather and a trail run.
St Anthony’s Triathlon 2014. The year I finally got it right at St. A’s
Miami Man Speedway Edition Half Iron Distance (70.3) Fun at the track in the SUN
Top Gun 7/26/14 Same race, same results. Haha.
Ironman Chattanooga 9/28/14 My first ironman!
FD3 Sprint Tri 7/11/15 A foray back into multi-sport, surprisingly well!

Half Marathons
Sarasota Half Marathon 3/09- No report as it was pre-blog.
Halloween Halfathon 11/09 – I ran as a runaway bride.
Cleveland Half Marathon 5/17/2011 – Went to run with a friend, wound up running solo.
Detroit Half Marathon 10/18/2011 – That tunnel can suck it.
Rock N Roll St Pete 2/13/2012 – PR baby!
Holiday Halfathon 12/9/2012 – Fun run with my girls!
Florida Half Marathon 12/2012 – My first trail race.
Sarasota Half Marathon 3/17/2013 – Took 6 weeks off running and ran this anyway.
Sarasota Half Marathon 3/16/14 a surprisingly quick “training” run
Rock N Roll Las Vegas Half Marathon 11/16/14 – Elvis has left the building.
Iron Girl Half Marathon 4/12/15 – Bridges for breakfast!
Rock N Roll Brooklyn 10/10/15– Hilly and bagel-icious.
Cocoa Beach 10/25/15 – A tough race made better with a new friend
Celebration Half Marathon 1/31/16 – A training run with a medal.

Ragnar Relay 11/24/09 (The 3rd in a series) – Half Nuts team is created.
Ragnar Relay 11/24/2010 (The 2nd in a series) – Half Nuts team kicks butt.
Sunset to Sunrise Relay 4/3/2012 – Running Down My Leg team is created. Has fun in Keys!

Disney 1/2009 – No report as this was pre-blog. Death march of 5:17.
Gasparilla 3/2009 – Also pre-blog. A little better than the first at 4:45.
Gasparilla Marathon 3/2/2010 – Finally! A feel great marathon!
Marine Corps Marathon 11/2/2010 – I heart Marines.
Ft. Lauderdale Marathon 2/22/11 – A PR!
Miami Marathon 1/30/2012 – Miami can suck it.
Jacksonville Marathon 12/29/13 – A monsoon of a marathon!
Grandma’s Marathon 6/21/15 – My first marathon DNF.

Obstacle Races
Warrior Dash 2/1/11 – Mud. Obstacles. Pretty standard.
Monster Bash Dash 5/29/2012 – Zombies can’t see me! I’m way too quick to get eaten!