Every now and again, the Running Gods smile down on us and give us a run that we needed. Today, I wanted my 14 miler to go smoothly. And it did.

I met up early with a new running bud (who I haven’t picked out a nickname for yet, so I’ll just go with K for now). She brought along a friend and the three of us set off for a 4 mile loop. After our loop, the rest of the BRA showed up at 6 AM and most of us set off to do ten miles on the wacky ten mile route. This route is wacky because there are a lot of turns and if you don’t run with someone who knows it, you is gettin’ lost.

Today was so nice because not only was it cooler than normal, but there were a ton of us running. The group has been growing lately and I love running in a big pack. Of course, P-Funk had to point how we were like a gang. And then of course, we had to sing a song from West Side Story. If some new folks don’t come out again, I’m blaming it on our rendition of “When You’re a Jet.”

The first four miles went off without a hitch and for the most part the ten did as well. I felt strong through out the run and didn’t have any appearances from HE-WHO-SHALL-NOT-BE-NAMED. In fact at the tail end of the run about a mile and a half out I felt good enough to pick it up. I was just really ready to be done at this point. Horse to the barn door syndrome. (Or Lloyd to the fire hydrant syndrome, take your pick.)

The problem was that after my run I did not feel so good. For some reason I felt a little nauseated and light headed. I’m going to blame it on not eating enough the night before because I know I was hydrated and well rested. It only lasted about 15 minutes and as soon as I got home, took a shower, and ate something I felt 100% better. The most important thing was that I finished the run wihtout YOU-KNOW-WHO showing up.

Thank you Running Gods! I will offer up some type of sacrifice to you later. Perhaps an old pair of shoes will work?

Happy Saturday. Watch out for the Jets (or just female runners doing bad impressions of them)!