Well, it’s Friday and I don’t really have a lot to blog about today. I’ve got a very relaxed weekend ahead, meaning I don’t have 452 things on my calendar. Score! The only real thing I need to do is run my 18 miler. I haven’t run that far in quite some time. It’ll be interesting. I think there are a few friends I can run with since I’m heading to my old stomping grounds tomorrow. I may even pick up a t-shirt to support that group, The Sharks. Who doesn’t love a running group named after a fish right? Makes total sense.
I’ve had an excellent week of running, thanks to low temps. I happily met with Miss Meghan this morning for a long swim. I got in 2,700 before I knew it. That’s the beauty of swimming with friends.  
I do have some big decision making planned this weekend. This is never an easy time of year for me because of the pressure. I mean, every year I can barely contain myself as I decide…on a Halloween costume. You thought I was going somewhere important, didn’t you?
The S.O. is running MCM at the end of the month and I will be pedaling around the city with the lovely Caroline. I’m stoked to hang with her and even more stoked that she appears to be as Halloween crazed as I am. I know she’s got her costume all picked out but I still can’t decide on mine. I was thinking of going traditional and easy, like a superhero or something. But, I was also thinking of some non-traditional silly stuff. I’m keeping it all a secret until MCM. Don’t be disappointed if I end up in cat ears and a tail. Heh.
So, what are your weekend plans? Dressing up for Halloween this year?