Wrap your mind around this peeps! The Redhead and I are currently hangin’ in Otown. And the Brunette is here too. It’s 3 bloggers in one location. Crazy right? Also the Brunette’s dog Ellie is here and I just adore her. (Don’t tell the attack terrier Lloyd. He gets jealous.) The three of us just got back from the pool where, apparently, the Hot Guy Bus made a stop. Drool.

This weekend after my 20 miler I came to Otown to see some friends and attend a work conference. Many birds + one stone = good times.

As for my 20 miler yesterday, it went amazingly well. Thanks so much for all of the encouragement! It was the best long run yet. I planned out my week so that yesterday when I woke up at 3 AM (can you say nutters?) I had enough rest and fuel to get through it.

We started our run at 5 AM instead of 5:30 AM to beat the heat a bit more. It really made a big difference. I was nervous because my 18 miler sucked such major (pardon my French) ass. But at about 5 miles I knew it was going to be a good run.

I made one change to my fueling in that I stopped drinking G2. It upsets my stomach. I have no idea why this is, but I just can’t seem to stomach it. Ha ha. So instead, for my 20 miler I decided to test out some Ecaps. They worked like a charm. I only took two so I will probably need more during my marathon but it’s great to know I can take them with me during the race.

I am very surprised at how fine my legs feel today. I am not as sore as I usually am after long runs. This means I am going to be super OCD about repeating what I did last week and Friday night in particular.

The only leg issue I have is so completely random. Ant bites. I spent the night at one of my other Otown friend’s house on Saturday night and during the night I had an itch on my shin. It felt like a pimple. Ew right? But I was so tired that I scratched my shin and went back to sleep. When I woke up this morning I thought it was a dream. I then looked down at my legs and saw 6 ant bites! Ew again, right? I have no recollection of being bit. Coach EK said it must have been because I was so giddy about that 20 miler. Riiiight.

I hope you all are having as lovely a weekend as I am. The Redhead just handed me some Nuun to try out and later we are going to have a pillow fight in our underwear! (Just kidding pervs.)