Happy New Year! Here’s a look back at 2013.
The Stats
Miles Run: 1,099
Miles Swam: 45
Miles Cycled: 624
A pretty light year in everything but running. I knew after a big 2012, I’d be taking a step back in 2013. Although, in looking at it now, I still got a lot accomplished and had a blast!
January 2013
Ran Ragnar Keys and took a blog hiatus. 
Team Running Down My Leg

February 2013

I came back from my blog break and supported my favorite guy and many friends at the inaugural Best Damn Race.
Nanci and I
March 2013
I make my return to running and realize coming back from a break is tough. I get to see my favorite Redhead at our friend Riki’s wedding and have a blast running the Sarasota Half Marathon with Nanci and Caroline.
Me and Red
Me, Nanci, and Caroline
 April 2013
Run the Irongirl 5K, mourn with the world at the Boston Marathon tragedy, and complete the St. Anthony’s triathlon as a relay.

May 2013
Celebrate my nephew’s first birthday and take a vacation with the S.O. to Puerto Rico.

June 2013
Meghan and I go on our first of what will be many bike rides together, I move in with the S.O., I DNF a sprint tri after THREE flat tires, I decide to run the Jacksonville marathon because Chicago falls through, I run a hot Father’s Day 5K, and I buy a fancy new tri bike. June is a BIG month apparently. 
Meet my new Cervelo P2: Amanda
July 2013
I race the Top Gun Sprint Triathlon for the 4th year in a row and follow it up with another sprint triathlon the very next morning.

I love this group! (And Tim for taking the photo.)
August 2013
Register for the Frogman 5K swim and start base building for Jacksonville. Realize it’s gonna be a hot month of training, and race another sprint triathlon. 
Steph and I got to watch dolphins literally swim with the wave in front of ours.
September 2013
October 2013
Run, a lot, volunteer at Cystic Fibrosis Cycle for Life, swim in the University of Tampa Master’s Swim Meet, spectate for the S.O. and many friends at the Marine Corps Marathon while dressed as the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. 

Me, Meghan, and Tori

The lovely Caroline and Stay Puft
November 2013
Run a 5K and half marathon as training runs/pacer, rock my Spandits!, spectate for Meghan’s first 70.3 and rock Stay Puft with Tori the banana. Lose my wiener at the Women’s Half Marathon and PR my 5K at the Turkey Trot. 
Pacing Big Sis to a new PR
LOVE my Spandits!
My little wiener, Kat.

December 2013

Run some more, make some cookies, host a giveaway, meet MEB, and FINALLY run my marathon.
Marathon #7 is in the books!
Whew! What a year!