Whew! I made it through the weekend which is a big deal because it was a BIG weekend. I got my first 22 miler in and surprisingly felt good from mile 18 on. Here’s a brief recap of how it went down.

Miles 1-5
Ever notice how the first five miles just fly by? My running bud Chris and I chatted during these first five and stopped to take our first gels. Speaking of gels, I’ve decided to go with Powerbar Gels. They are thinner than both Gu and Hammer and even though I don’t love the way they taste, they are easier to stomach.

Miles 5-10
Again, not much to report here. Although we did see a runner in front us take a little spill. I felt bad for her but she joked about how she had too much beer the night before and got right back up. We ran by a lot of other runners at this time and I felt a tad tired at mile 10.

Miles 10-15
For whatever reason, miles 10-15 are always tougher for me. I start getting tired and thinking about how much longer I had to go. Fortunately, with a little self pep-talking I can get myself right again.

Miles 15-20
By mile 16 I felt normal again and Chris and I had to stop at about this point to help get a lost beagle off the road. A woman driving by stopped and scooped up this cute beagle that was playing frogger across the roadway. Hopefully he got home safe and sound. Too bad he wasn’t wearing a collar. (Reminder to pet owners out there! Collar your pets!)

At about mile 18 my lower back started hurting. We had stepped up over a curb and I think I tweaked it. I stopped to stretch it out for a few seconds and then it felt better.

Also by mile 18 I was pushing the pace and found a second wind that was pushing me right along.

Miles 20-22
I caught up with C Steve and got to run with him for a bit and this was a pleasant surprise since I hadn’t been able to chat with him lately. His lower back was bothering him too so we helped each other out by chatting and finishing up the run.

My overall pace for this run was good. I’m in line with my training plan but can’t help thinking about how much slower it is than my intended goal pace. I know it’s supposed to be slower but it’s one of those thoughts that I’m sure we all have during training. In any event I am STOKED that this is a step down week for me because last week I hit 52 miles! I don’t think I’ve EVER run that many miles in one week. It’s not a lot for some, but dang it’s a lot for me!

I hope you all had great weekends. I’m off to stalk you all now.