I know you all don’t want to read about how amazing my 22.5 miler was on Saturday. Or read how great I felt and how I sprinted in the last half mile at a 7:50 pace. And I bet you don’t want to read how I’m not really all that sore today and how I’m shocked by all of the above. So, I’ll spare you.

Instead, I’ll just let you know that I had an amazing weekend. Redhead got here on Friday night and kicked some major butt on her 22.5 and I had a lovely time with P-Funk as usual. Seriously, we crack each other up. I think people think we are crazy because we are always laughing. It’s no wonder that my abs are sore after we run together. Oh, and after the run, Redhead, was like a cute little drill Sergeant. She yelled at us upon finishing, “That ladies was 22 point five miles of confidence building!” I love that girl.

I headed to Orlando after my run to see the Magic win and came back home this morning to head to a baby shower. After that I went on a small shoe shopping spree at DSW. Loved it! It’s been another busy weekend, but oh so much fun!

Now on to the important part.

I had Lloyd help me with picking the winner of my B.o.B.’s favorite things give-a-way. Here is how the winner was selected in a pictorial essay:

The 22nd comment was Lindsay from Chasing the Kenyans! While, she commented about the shipping cost to Kentucky, I’m sure I can swing it. Congrats girl, and if the Turbo Snake or the Magic Powder don’t work for you, you can always re-gift em. Email me your address please.

Hope you all had lovely weekends. I’m off to a recovery trail run and then I’m getting in bed early. I’m pooped.