Happy Birthday to me! Since I’m turning 32 today I’ve compiled two lists with 32 items. Fortunately for you all I’m not turning 82 or this would take forever. These 32 years have seen some ups and downs with the ups far outweighing the downs. Thus far my life has been pretty awesome. I have a great family, amazing friends, and a job that keeps a roof over my head. I honestly cannot complain.

Since some of you, no doubt, have yet to send your gifts, I’ll let you know what you can give me this year. Your gift to me is to continue to share your lives and keep reaching for that next goal. Thanks for reading and inspiring me. It’s what keeps this blogger going.

In my first 32 years I have:

1. Completed 6 marathons.

2. Gone skydiving.

3. Been to Europe.

4. Been to Mexico.

5. Finally made a snow angel.

6. Learned to ride a bike.

7. Learned to ride a bike with clipless pedals.

8. Swam with a dolphin.

9. Swam next to big sleeping manatees.

10. Won a beauty pageant. (Yup. Kill me.)

11. Was a member of a live studio audience for a game show. (The Weakest Link.)

12. Fallen in love.

13. Adopted a dog from a rescue group. Love you Lloyd Doggler!

14. Gone whitewater rafting.

15. Kissed a stranger.

16. Eaten oysters, escargot, and sea urchin.

17. Flown in a helicopter.

18. Been to the Louvre in Paris.

19. Gotten a tattoo. Or three.

20. Completed a mud run.

21. Been heartbroken.

22. Acted in a play.

23. Had a reading from a psychic.

24. Swam in the Mediterranean.

25. Gone to numerous hot yoga classes.

26. Farted in numerous hot yoga classes.

27. Visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC.

28. Gotten a college degree.

29. Met DMX, Method Man, and Gavin Rossdale. Yes, totally random and not that exciting.

30. Contributed to charities and volunteered.

31. Been in a television commercial. So what if I was ten?

32. Started a blog.

In my next 32 years I want to….

1. Eat Beluga Caviar.

2. Complete a century ride.

3. Travel to Japan.

4. Spend the night in a haunted house.

5. See the Northern lights.

6. Sing 1 song well at Karaoke.

7. Get body painted.

8. Go on a for real camping and hiking trip (Yosemite!).

9. Ride every single ride at Cedar Point (even the spinny-vomity ones).

10. Run the Athens marathon.

11. Dance in the rain.

12. Buy a house.

13. Cook something super complicated (I’ll take suggestions on this please).

14. Try a week of eating only fruits and veggies.

15. Go on a safari to do the list item below.

16. Ride an elephant, camel, or llama.

17. Read a “classic” that I missed in school (War and Peace, A Tale of Two Cities, etc).

18. Ski or snowboard (I swear I will ski or snowboard before I die!).

19. Paddleboard and/or surf.

20. Drive a race car (test track of course).

21. Visit Ireland.

22. Take my soon-to-be born nephew to as many cool places as I can afford and his parents will let me.

23. Learn to play poker.

24. Grow and keep a plant alive.

25. Knit a scarf or socks or anything really.

26. Own a jar of La Mer.

27. Read the Bible in it’s entirety.

28. Get married and have some kids. Get married and have some kids. Get married and have some kids. Get married and have some kids. Get married and have some kids.

29. Get an article published in a magazine.

30. Go on a game show.

31. Say the following phrases and mean them: “Quick, follow that car!”, “I’ve been kicked out of better places than this!”, “Go ahead, make my day.”

32. Be thankful for every single day.