The day has come. My 36th birthday. My 36th trip around the sun. I feel like that’s pretty impressive. I mean, I don’t even run that fast and I’ve made it 36 times around that flamin’ hot ball. I’ve learned quite a bit in these 36 years and since I haven’t written a list in a while I figured a 36 item list seems appropriate, if not a bit over the top. But hey, it’s my birthday and I do what I want.
36 Things I’ve Learned in my 36 years. 
1. I’ve learned that the running drill “karaoke” is not karaoke. It’s actually carioca. I literally learned that last week. (This is going to be a deep list, you can tell already, right?)
2. I’ve learned if you put a lot of lime juice in your guacamole it keeps it from turning brown. And tastes delicious. Thanks for that tip Megan!
3. I’ve learned that no matter how hard I try, I’ll never be good at math. (Yes. I promise. I’ve tried. Stop looking at me like that math teachers.) 
4. I’ve learned that every time I ignore a gut feeling, shit goes haywire. That whole “trust your gut” thing, especially in my case, is always true. (My gut does always say my fake injuries are nothing. And they always turn out to be nothing. Imagine that.)
5. I’ve learned that good and true friends will always have your back. No matter what.
6. I’ve learned when you find the guy for you, he will never make you feel insecure or try to hide your relationship. He’ll always want to talk things out. He’ll rent you terrible horror movies for your birthday because he knows you love them. He’ll laugh with you and pick you up a Heath bar when you have terrible PMS. He’ll walk your old dog who takes forever to find a spot to poop in and he’ll rub your feet after a long day. He’ll be kind to your friends and family. He’ll let you use scalding hot water in co-showers. And he won’t mind that you are weird and goofy and emotional, in fact, he’ll love that about you.
7. I’ve learned cutting bangs is never a good idea. They are cute for like two weeks and then they are just a big pain in the ass. 
8. Sunscreen. That’s it. Sunscreen.
9. I’ve learned a day at the beach is better than just about anything. 
10. I’ve learned a few cooking things here and there but basically, the crockpot is still my not-so-secret weapon. 
11. I’ve learned that I really don’t like drinking. I used to like it a whole lot. But the older I get the less and less it interests me. The plus side is that I’m a super cheap drunk and my bad calories come from way tastier options. 
12. I’ve learned that babies can help heal emotional wounds and while I still don’t want any of my own, I’m completely head over heels in love with my nephews and the children of my friends. 
13.  I’ve learned I’m not great at forgiveness and that’s ok because I can keep working on it. (And let’s be honest, some a-holes don’t deserve it. Crap! Back to work…)
14. I’ve learned you can use an eraser head as an earring back (all girls learn this in about the 5th grade), that you can use clear nail polish to stop a run in tights (8th grade), and that you can use vasoline as eye make up remover. 
15. I’ve learned that at work it’s best to keep your head down and do your job. And when the boss asks how’s it going, you say, “Great!” And ask for more work. 
16. I’ve learned no matter how hard you try, some people are just flat out not going to like you. That’s also ok even if it drives you a little bit crazy. See: people pleasing issues.
17. I’ve learned how to make delicious gluten free cookies. 
18. I’ve learned that sometimes, shit just sucks. But! You’ll get through it. 
19. I’ve learned the basics: reading, writing, shoe tying, drop the Y and add ING, and toilet paper roll goes flap over the top, not under. 
20. I’ve learned to choose my battles when it comes to family issues. They are all you’ve got. 
21. I’ve learned I while I don’t adore riding a bike all the time, I do enjoy it some of the times. 
22. I’ve learned my sister is the best at keeping my secrets, making me laugh and crying with me. 
23. I’ve learned how owning a pet can be awesome and exhausting and it’s a big responsibility. 
24. I’ve learn that packing a lunch is the best way to save money and calories and that I totally suck at doing it on the regular. Sometimes I just need to get out of the office and eat tacos, ok? 
25. I’ve learned I am a morning worker-outer. 
26. I’ve learned that “36 things I’ve learned” as a list seemed like such a good idea when I started this post but now I’m feeling like…derp. *Snack break BRB.*
27. I’ve learned I enjoy eating healthy most of the time but my junk food junkie nature of the past still haunts me. 
28. I’ve learned tacos are not a health food. Sorry friends. 
29. I’ve learned I now run in a neutral shoe versus a stability shoe that I first started running in. And speaking of running I’ve learned a lot!
30. In running, I’ve learned: not to go out too fast, not to give up, not to chase rabbits too early in a race, how to eat a gel while running, what shorts I like the best, cold races are my jam, which sports bras chafe the most, how to make running friends in multiple cities, and how bad you have to want something and go after it. 
31. I’ve learned, by completing an ironman, that nothing is impossible so long as you put in the work and believe in yourself (with a good support system, of course).
32. I’ve learned I get very irritable when I’m hungry or hot or the lethal combo of hungry and hot. 
33. I’ve learned to flip the pillow over for the cool side at night and to stick out that one leg when you get hot while under the covers. 
34. I’ve learned blogging is a great creative outlet for me. 
35. I’ve learned you all will read just about anything. Kidding! I’ve learned you all are supportive and kind and I hope to meet more of you this year!
36. It’s been a helluva 36 years. I have learned so much. I’ve learned that really all I need are friends, family, and a good run. 
Thanks for reading and happy birthday to all my other February 22nd homies.