Holy crap guys! I looked at my calendar this week and realized I only have FOUR weeks to go until my marathon. It seems like I have been training FOR-E-VER (Sandlot anyone?). It seems that way because it’s true.

Let’s take a look back shall we?
First I ran in a monsoon for Gasparilla ’09. Then I decided to sign up for the Marine Corps Marathon in October. Then I got the old wonky (tendinitis in the ankle). Then I was out for three weeks. And here I am a full year later, still training for a marathon.

I’ll be very, very happy on race day because I am ready to run. By the way, Gasparilla is pirate themed. You can read about the marathon here.

While this training cycle hasn’t been as aggressive nor have I had the same fire in belly as before, I am happy with it. And most importantly, still healthy. (No whammies! No whammies!)
I’m looking forward to a little break and then a few 5K’s. I can’t wait to open it up in a sprint distance. Heh. When did 3.1 miles become a sprint? I may also throw in a tri if I can get that whole bike thing taken care of. You know, not being scared to death on one and not breaking my hoo-ha like I did on the too tall one at Ragnar.

I also REALLY miss the pool. As soon as it gets warmer I think I’ll don my rubber cap (that’s sounds kind of gross) and hit the water.
Happy four weeks to go! Arrrgh!