Finally! A breakthrough! I finally had a track workout that I didn’t:  A. Wuss out on. B. Feel like death. C. Get dropped  by my pace group.
After suffering the last few weeks at track, last week being the worst with shin pain and hammy pain, I arrived yesterday to see nothing but glorious 400’s and 800’s. Granted, there were a shit load of them, but I was so happy to see them I actually cheered. Clearly, the 1,200’s have me mentally beat. I gotta work on that.
The workout was a 400 followed by an 800 and then FIVE more 400’s and then a final set of another 800 and 400. These were fast and furious with little break time in between. Coach was pushing us last night. It was all about speed.
Upon starting my first 400, I felt strong. I went out too fast and told myself to reign it in. On the 800, I again went too fast and came in before the time I was supposed to. Oops. The next three 400’s was more of the same and I said to hell with it. I’m just gonna go fast if that’s what my body wants today. I must admit that I did have a “discombobulated” moment when I got separated from my pace group during a break and ran with the wrong one. Coach told me just to stick with them and I wound up missing a 400. Yes, I’m special.
As we started the final 800 a typical Florida thunderstorm was rolling in and I wanted to get the heck off the track. I ran that final 800 in about 3:30 and I’m happy to admit that it hurt and I haven’t seen a 3:30 half mile in quite some time. Unfortunately, the lightning streaking the sky forced me to call it quits so technically I owe coach two 400’s. I wonder if he’ll add them on next week? Hm.
Since my legs have been cranky lately, I’ve been doing my PT exercises religiously and I think this is why I finally felt good last night. I am going to preach the benefits of them from the rooftops. Sorry neighbors.

My shins and hamstring have been the most bothersome lately so I’ve gotten a few different exercises from Coach and a few from various PT’s I know. I think my hamstring stems from some glute weakness so I’ve been working on that too. Just for shiggles, here’s what I’ve been doing. Perhaps they can help you all. Keep in mind, I am not a doctor so seek a real MD if you are injured.
Shins: While seated, wrap a looped resistance band around the outside of the top of your feet. Make it tight enough that your feet are fairly close together. With your heels on the ground and your toes in the air, move the tops of your feet away from each other, feeling the strain from the resistance band. (This has helped a TON in just a week or two of doing this periodically throughout my workday.)
Hamstrings: Lie on your back and pull one leg toward you. Hold your leg behind your knee. Flex your foot ten times. Change legs. Do three set of 10.
Glutes: This one is also great because you can do it at your desk or in front of a computer. While seated, place a looped resistance band around the outside of your knees. Squeeze your glutes and hold the resistance band taught. You don’t have to do much but sit this way for a few periods at a time.