I always enjoy other people’s DITL posts so I felt like it was time again for me to do one. And yes of course I chose a day where I had a LOT to do. Otherwise it would be all, “Oh hey. Here I am sitting on my couch.” Ha! This is a pretty standard Thursday though. So here it is…A Day in the Life, yesterday.
4:55 AM – Alarm goes off. Hop up to get ready for a full day. First things first, walk a sleepy Lloyd.
He’s not a morning dog.
5:20 AM – Hit the road to get to Tribal strength and conditioning by 6 AM. It was a great session and I’d missed a couple of weeks so I was happy to be back.
Coach Mason and I doing some resistance work. She’s pushing down as I push up.
7:45 AM – After a quick shower, I head to my favorite breakfast spot in Tampa, Daily Eats. I had eggs and bacon, which I didn’t capture because I was too hungry to bother with a photo. Ha!
I do heart Daily Eats.
9:00 AM – Begin my workday.
Cube selfie!
10:30 AM – Snack time! I buy a ton of snacks from Trader Joe’s. I tried these chile spiced mango slices for the first time this week and they are delicious. They have just a hint of spiciness and this probably prevents me from eating the entire bag in one sitting.
My ever present water bottle.
12:00 PM – It’s a good day when I make it until noon to eat my lunch. I try to space out my snacks so that I am not starving before meal times. Plus, as we’ve all heard, eating small meals throughout the day can be beneficial. I don’t know about all that because I’m no nutritionist, but I do know I love eating so I’m happy to go with it.
TJ’s greens, beans and grains. It’s delicious!
1:00 PM – 5:30 PM – Not much to report here other than work and a snack or two. Write some copy, research some marketing ideas. Get set up to help handle LinkedIn and Facebook for company (yay!). As for my snacks I have two clementine’s (Trader Joe’s naturally) around 3:00 PM and then a French vanilla crème Power Crunch protein bar around 5:00 PM. I know I’m going to run after work so this bar has lots of protein and helps fill me up.
6:00 PM – Home from work after commute. Begin mad dash to walk Lloyd, get dressed, eat a little hummus and carrots and then get to track practice with RunVie by 6:30. Fortunately, the track is only about five minutes from my house.
6:30 PM – Put on my coaching “hat” and play a fun game of dice at track with my RunVie athletes. We do our warm up drills and run a lap. Then, we split up into pace groups and run what we roll. It’s a super fun night and I am loving coaching with this great group of people. I got in 3.5 miles by running with all three groups.

RunVie group shot.
8:15 PM – Track ends around 7:40, but we hang out and chat a bit. I get home to walk Lloyd, shower quickly, drink my dinner and head to bed.

Chocolate protein shake for dinner. Yum!
9:15 PM – The S.O. gets home from his office a little bit after I get in bed. (Best Damn Race season keeps him working long hours.)
9:40 PM –  I goof around on my phone for a bit and then I fall asleep. Good night!