I ran! And it didn’t hurt!
The end.
Ok, not really, but it’s a fantastic start right? I got a tiny run/walk in on Saturday just to test the waters and then I went for a short run/walk on Sunday. Sunday was more run than walk but my cardio felt crazy so I need a couple of walk breaks. This morning I started with a good quarter mile warm up and then ran an “easy” 5K. So far, so good. For the record, I hate the term “easy” when it comes to running. No pain waking up and no pain running or throughout the day. I will say the shoe inserts and the PT exercises have helped tremendously. Along with the no running, of course.
Naturally I want to run my face off now. I was told by Coach Jon to take it easy and not get greedy.
If you don’t get the reference, we cannot be friends.
Fine. I shall do as he says and hop back in the pool for another DWR session tomorrow morning. I am registered for the Rock N Roll New Orleans 10K on Sunday. Depending on how I feel it will either be a hard effort or a fun run. I haven’t run a 10K since 2011! I don’t really enjoy that distance so it’ll be very interesting. I then plan to eat all the King Cake in New Orleans. And cuddle the hell out of my nephew.  
How was your weekend? Got more to report than I do?