If you have read my blog for any length of time you’ll know that my dad died in 2007. And you know I think about him everyday. I think about him the most on the date that he died, March 25.

Every year in March I think about the last time we saw each other, it was St Patrick’s Day weekend and I was nursing a mild hangover when we went to eat Mexican for an early dinner before I drove back to Orlando. It was one of those days that for some reason, I can remember almost everything. I know what I was wearing, I know what we talked about (my job, a Stevie Wonder compilation CD, Lloyd, my slight hangover…) and I remember him slipping me a $20 as I got into my car. Typical dad. These memories are what I hold dear, even if they do make me sad.

But, that’s not really the point of this post. I don’t want to make any of you sad. I just want to remind you that there is so much good in the world and that you can see that good whenever you want – in your family – especially in your parents. Think about the two people (or one, if you come from a single parent household) who you know would do anything for you and celebrate them. Sure they made you do chores and come home by twelve and go to school, but damn if they weren’t right all along. (You need a clean house, school actually was important, and nothing good comes from being out past midnight.) These people decided to bring you into the world and gave you all the tools you needed.
Call them and tell them you love them. Reminisce with them. Buy your mom some flowers, get your dad a new CD or DVD. Make them a meal. Buy them a meal. Hell, buy them a Happy Meal if you want. Just show you care and ask them things you never have before. There’s a lot of things I want desperately to talk with my dad about from the trivial to the big issues, and I can’t. Ask them now.
It’s important for me to keep reminding others about how hard it is to lose a parent and wish you had more time with them. Which is why, if you do still have the time, you must make it a priority to hang out with them, appreciate them, and tell them you love them. Even if you are far apart, a phone call or a snail mail letter means the world.

And because I like laughter through tears, I leave you with this: