Dear Readers,
I’ve been writing this blog since May 2009. I’ve written 659 posts. Some of them I’m very proud of, some of them I know are terrible space fillers, but all of them are true and real and me. I’ve shared so much on this blog that when I look back and read them I can’t help but smile. Fortunately, I’ve been on much of this journey with some very great friends, especially the redheaded one who got me started in the first place and has been with me every single step.
From 2009 to today, this very moment, I’ve done a lot of pretty cool stuff. I’ve done relays, marathons, triathlons, aquathons, and every other running distance in between. I’ve traveled to Michigan, Illinois, Miami, Ohio, D.C., California, New York, Key West, and Georgia. Some of these places more than once. My sister gained a husband and I a brother. I got a nephew I adore and would do anything for. I’ve seen a few friends get engaged and then married. I’ve seen a few friends lose loved ones. I’ve shared in every one of their joys and sorrows. I’ve read many, many wonderful blogs and felt like a part of people’s lives whom I’ve never met. I met numerous bloggers and made lasting friendships with some of them. I’ve changed hair colors, careers, countless running shoes, and cities. All for the better, of course.
This blog is like a time capsule of the past four years and it’s been an amazing four years. There have been some lows but so, so many highs and I love that I can look back on these posts and relive the happy moments. I’ve been reading The Happiness Project and one of the ways to be happy is to keep happiness scrapbooks or albums. This blog is a true happiness scrapbook. I look back at races that were not my best and the comments always make me tear up.
Lately, I’ve had some trouble coming up with posts and have felt the need to post versus the want. I started this blog as a fun way to continue writing as it’s something I truly enjoy. The comments and friendships that came along with it were really just a bonus. I know that right now is the time for me to take a little break. I need to recharge, think about words in different ways, and come back refreshed with new discombobulated stories to share.
I don’t want anyone to panic, since I’m sure that’s what you’re all doing right now. I’m that big of a deal in your lives to be certain. I’m just taking a few weeks off. I’m going to set up my races for 2013, clear out the clutter of my mental and physical space, update the look of this here tiny spot on the Internet and come back ready to kick some butt and write posts about it. I’ll still be on FB and Twitter so I can continue with all of the snarking.
This isn’t goodbye at all, so I won’t even utter the words. I’ll be back in a few weeks. You can bet on that. Thanks for reading.