In reviewing my calendar for the month a couple of weeks ago, I again reminded myself that I sometimes do silly things. Like schedule myself two half marathons a week apart. I know that there are MANY of you who are part of the whole marathon maniacs and half fanatics but I’ve never really been one to do races that close together, especially distances of a half or longer. I know it’s totally do-able, it’s just not in the norm for me.
First up, this weekend, is the inaugural Rock N Roll Brooklyn Half Marathon. As soon as word started circulating about this race I was all in. I happily wear my “I Love NY” t-shirt and have made several trips to the big city. Hell, one year I went by myself to visit a friend and just traipsed around while she was at work. I even ran with the Brooklyn Road Runners. I’m fairly familiar with some of the course for this race so I know it’s going to get hilly toward the end as it finishes in Prospect Park.
I have talked it over with Coach Jon and I’m going to try to go sub 1:50. He and I both agreed that I deserve a good race. The weather looks perfect and I feel good. I’m not in PR shape, but I do feel that I can pick up some speed in the cooler temps. I am going to go into it with a relaxed approach and enjoy the scenery. Runladylike had the best idea ever from her race last weekend, and that was to not look at her Garmin. I’m going to try that versus looking at it every five seconds. Ha!
Second for the month is the also brand new race the Cocoa Beach Half Marathon. I registered for this as soon as I saw it features an I Dream of Jeannie theme. The medal is like her little genie bottle. I was so enamored with this show back in the day. I used to watch re-runs of it all the time after school and on Nick at Nite. Barbara Eden, THE Jeannie herself is also going to be there. I may or may not have to stalk her. *does signature Jeannie head nod*
Of course, this is also the weekend as the annual University of Tampa Master’s swim meet so I’ll be swimming on Saturday in Tampa and then hightailing it over to Cocoa Beach. Because…I’m smart. And in looking at this course, say oh, a week ago, I also realized there is 2.9 miles of beach running. I can’t say I am thrilled about that. It says packed sand but for us non-beach runners, this may hurt a little. My course time goal is TBD.
I’m super excited for both races and a little nervous about them because first time events always have a bit of the unknown. I have run more than one Rock N Roll event and they always do a good job so I’m sure Brooklyn will be the same. I’m not as familiar with the other race company, Smooth Running, but I’m looking forward to running with them.
I’ll be sure to post about both races and cover all the nitty gritty details! Stay tuned…