No need to panic, I’m not saying goodbye-goodbye, I’m saying “adios” because I’m going on vacation tomorrow. Puerto Rico baby! I have about 900 blog posts I want to write but I’ve been busy getting as much “real-job” work done and packing and cleaning and etc. so the blog posting fell to the wayside. Mah bad.
Upon my return I owe you all a post on that waterproof ipod review I’ve mentioned a few times. I’m hoping to get a discount for you all because swimming to tunes is like going to da club underwater. Go shawty, it’s your birthday, gonna swim like it’s your birthday…
Sorry about that. Got carried away.
I also owe you all a post on my Chicago Marathon training plan. I’ve had some great discussions with coaches and friends and the super long thread on FB also provided a lot of great insight. Stay tuned for that.

The S.O. and I are going to attempt to stymie our social media addictions while on vacation. It may work or we may get the shakes so badly that we have to tweet selfies to get a fix. Until next week, just imagine all of my hilarious ok, mildly funny, posts being thought up on this lovely island….

La Isla del Encanto