Just a quick Wednesday hello to offer some advice on a few things I have gleaned since yesterday. You want it in list form? Me too!

NOTE: They may not be running related. My life doesn’t really revolve around running. That would make me so lame. (Stop laughing.)

1. Do not wear heels to a construction site.

2. Be careful, ants like pretty high heels too.

3. Eat the free pasta or you’ll be hungry later.

4. Don’t forget to put your I.D. and debit card back into your purse after you go out for a pub run.

5. One Blue Moon beer can give you weird dreams.

6. Advise your friend against eating Chic-Fil-A, McDonald’s, and Papa John’s as his 3 meals prior to a 5 mile run.

7. Avoid hitting on older men who turn out to be Monet’s.

8. When someone asks if you were looking for a date at a construction site, you may give them the finger. (See #1)

9. Water is the most important meal of the day.

10. Read Discombobulated Running often.

Happy Hump Day peeps!