All together now…ahhhhhh….the holidays are almost over and I for one am A-OK with that. Don’t get me wrong, I love spending time with family and friends and getting all those glorious days off of work, but, well big butt here, my butt is getting bigger.

I’ve been a gluttonous sloth this past few weeks and it’s certainly catching up with me. I’m not saying I gained 20 pounds but I know that there are definitely 5 extra pounds I am using as a spare tire. And it’ll be oh-so attractive come summer time. Ha ha.

While I don’t normally weigh myself I can feel a difference in my clothes. And yes, I know I’m not fat, and yes, I’m not going to go diet crazy or anything, but I need to get my eating in check. I’ve been running and thankfully that has probably helped stave off the additional 5 I could have easily packed on. It’s simple math really, what you put in – you must work off. And if you aren’t working off more than you are putting in – this equals “Why are these jeans so damn tight?”

Typically I stick to low-carb. Now before you all jump on the running and low-carb don’t mix bandwagon, I’d like to say that it works FOR ME*. I’m no nutritionist nor do I hold any medical degree and I can only say that I’m a blogger who has been doing low-carb for a while. Obviously, no-carb won’t work so I mix in a sweet potato here and a yogurt or banana there. But, I do have to limit the starchy whites that tend to stick to my belly.

Basically, this post is here to hold me accountable to getting back on the fit train. I know we are all looking to get back on track after the holidays and this is my plan. Bye bye french fries and morning stops at Dunkin’ (I’ll just brew the coffee at home and save the money!).
What are your plans to get back on track post holiday? What usually works best for you?

*Please do not go crazy and start doing low-carb cause I do. Again, it just works for me and I certainly don’t want to be an irresponsible blogger. If you need help, see your doctor and get fit a way that works best for you!