This one time at band camp….
Just kidding.
I never went to band camp. I was cool.
Just kidding.

Band kids were cool. Just look at those drummers from FAMU. They are off the hizzy. (google The Urban Dictionary if you need help on that one.)

Speaking of American Pie (good segue way there, dontcha think?), last night I ran track at a local area high school. It was great. The weather was cool(ish), the running group was all out, and the smell of pie wafted through the air as I toiled round and round.

Unfortunately, it was not the delicious smell of apple pie, but the smell of cow pie.

Yeah, the track I run at has a very large Ag department and the animals are housed down wind from the track. Good times.

I made it through five Yasso 800’s and am pretty pleased with them overall. While my ever faithful pacing partner P-Funk (say that three times fast) was not there to help me, I did an okay job of pacing myself. Of course the first one was waaaaay too fast, but I learned my lesson and slowed a bit for the remaining four.

I love track.
If you can’t tell this post has no real rhyme or reason so just go with me here.

It’s a step down week for me so I’ve got 16 on deck for tomorrow.

Happy Friday!