Happy Tuesday friends! Did you know that Sunday marked 21 weeks until Ironman Chattanooga? Yowza! It’s gonna be a long summer. I’ve got some posts brewing about training and what not but I thought first I’d accept this MAJOR AWARD (sadly, not an actual leg lamp) from my buddy Rennay at Vegetarian in the Ville. It’s called the Liebster Award and it’s given from blogger to blogger and is basically a question and answer chain post. I love lists and questions so I’m happy to keep the chain alive! Thanks Rennay!
Here’s the Q&A from Rennay:
1. Why did you start a blog?
I was told by my friend Red, a former blogger, that it was fun and since I love writing I figured I’d give it a go.
2. What’s one thing you’re secretly a little cocky over? Give yourself some props here!
I can remember song lyrics and movie quotes really quickly. My family always calls me and says, “What the name of that guy in that one movie…” or “What’s she saying in the song….” It’s a talent that is completely 95% useless unless I end up on a game show.
3. What is your preferred form of torture AKA exercise?
Currently, I’m happy with the whole swim-bike-run thing I’ve got going on. If I had to pick one that I prefer right now I can honestly say, for the first time, that would be hard as I’m enjoying all three!
4. What is your favorite food?
Ack. Tough one. Probably Mexican food. But good, authentic Mexican. Not just cheese melted on everything. (Although that’s good too!)
5. Where is your dream vacation spot?
I’m dying to go to Japan. I love the culture and the food (that I’ve eaten!). Plus all of the Harajuku fashion and funky trends are always so fun and colorful. I’d love to see them in real life.
6. Any bad habits?
Nose picking. Probably more than a few but I’m bad at putting a ton of salt on everything and being addicted to my cell phone and social media.
7. Tell us your funniest gym story, or if you don’t have one, just tell us a funny story.
This blog is full of funny stories because I am ridiculous. A lot. A quick one is the time I left a group ride because I was nervous and I basically turned around at the back of the pack about a quarter mile into the ride and didn’t tell anyone. Then, I decided to go ride by myself somewhere and hit a squirrel. I proceeded to call my coach and have a good cry. (I think the squirrel was probably fine as it ran off very quickly.)
8. Do you remember life before blogs? What did you read?
I do. I think I watched TV actually and I’ve always been a reader so I definitely read books and magazines. Still do.
9. What do you love most about the city you live in?
The weather, the beach, and my friends.
10. What do you want to be when you grown up?
Can I say Ironman Chattanooga finisher? Because I don’t really want to ever grow up.
Now I get to give the award to TEN more bloggers! Here ya go:
And here are your ten questions ladies!
1. What is your go to snack?
2. What is your favorite at home easy meal to make?
3. What is your favorite way to unwind?
4. How many pairs of running shoes do you currently own?
5. What was the best part of your day today?
6. What was the worst part of your day today?
7. What time do you get up every morning?
8. What is your favorite tv show?
9. What is your favorite running route and why?
10. Who has been your biggest fitness inspiration to date?
Feel free to answer any of the questions in the comments folks! I’d love to know more about you as well! (And if I didn’t tag you, feel free to give yourself this award and go to town on your own blog!)