As the title of this post indicates I had another busy weekend. I’m happy to report that my six mile long went well. I wasn’t thrilled with the pace, but again, it’s not about the pace right now. I must keep reminding myself this. Silly runner. 
During my run I came up behind a couple of ladies who I had been trailing for about a mile or two. When I got behind them I decided I liked their pace and didn’t want to speed up to pass them only to slow down and be right in front of them. In my typical obnoxious friendly manner I told them my plan and invited myself to run with them for the quarter mile I had until I turned around. They obliged and we chatted for a bit about our upcoming races. I noticed one of the ladies had on compression socks and that they both had on adorable shorts. These are things I notice. I can’t help it, I’m girly. 
Anyway, I turned and said goodbye to these lovely gals and headed back toward home. It was a nice run and I reminded myself to relax and enjoy it. I was only allowed to look at my Garmin for distance and tried to ignore the pace. I’d give myself an A grade on following my plan. 
After I got home I logged my run on daily mile and caught up on twitter and facebook. Social media whore much? As I scrolled down twitter I saw a post from a local blogger whom I’d never met commenting on her new shoes. She included a picture. And guess what? Compression socks and cute shorts. I ran with a blogger and had no idea! I immediately tweeted to see if it was her and it was indeed. Fun coincidence right? It pays to be obnoxious friendly. Hi Mary! 
In other fun weekend news, I tried belly dancing on Friday with my friends at Crossboot. The co-owner had shot me a text to test it out with her and it was super fun. She thought it would be a perfect Friday evening workout since it wouldn’t leave me too sore for my training on Saturday. And she was right. It was the perfect combo of sweat and smiles. Even if I did look mildly idiotic. 

I looked like a triathlete…belly dancing.

Sunday was a good day for me on the bike. My training pals and I hit up the hills and got in a great 42 mile ride. I was absolutely frustrated for the first few miles because I’m always bringing up the rear. I hate being last but by it’s something I should be getting used to. I know I will get stronger. 
Over all I’m happy with how the ride went, mostly because I had properly fueled and hydrated. When we finished riding I felt that I could have ridden more. This is good because I didn’t end up with the standard post long ride headache. Big relief there! I put Gu Brew in one of my bottles and half water/half Gatorade in the other. I think the key for me was adding in those calories in my liquid fuel. It’s still something I want to play with as I don’t really love Gatorade and I definitely never drink it on the run. I suppose it’s fine on the bike because it doesn’t upset my stomach the same way. 

I’m dropping my bike off at the shop today because the gears were acting wonky yesterday and this morning and I just think it’s time for a tune up. Here’s hoping it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. Ballin’ on a budget.

How was your weekend? Ever tried belly dancing?