Tomorrow, I am running the Gate River Run 15K in Jacksonville, FL. This is the USA Championships for the 15K and boasts 20,000 athletes. Whoa. This is probably one of the biggest races I’ve done recently and I’m stoked to be with so many runners and tons of elite and pros.
The weather is looking iffy with a chance of rain and a warmer start than I prefer. (Even if Coach Jon said it’s ideal for a “running unicorn.”). I am so not used to running at the late, late start of 8:30 AM. Ha. Well, plenty of time to hit the porta potty at least. This will only be my second ever 15K. I’ve only run one and it was kind of a disaster.

Almost as big of a disaster as New Coke.

Without forcing you to go back and read that whole post…

Picture it, Gasparilla, 2012….

I had intended to run a 1:14 because I had just run a 1:43 half marathon. But, come race day, it was HOT. And we all know I wilt like the delicate flower that I am in the sun. I wound up walking quite a bit and still managed to somehow pull out a 1:21:52. Which, looking back is still a pretty good time in my humble opinion. Nine miles is far to run fast. (I’m sensing a trend here with myself in that I either like really short or really long when it comes to racing.)

Anyway, I would love to beat that and get a new PR for 2015. However, the bridge in this run is no joke so we’ll see what I can hang on to while climbing that bad boy.

Coach Jon is still scheduling me for the butt kicking strength sessions. And with a half marathon next month and my full marathon in June, I’ve got lots of work to do.

Have a great weekend! Catch ya on the flip flop….