Let me start by saying that I had no idea how interested you people were in my love life. I may have to start an entire blog about it. However, I’m in such a total state of schmoop that you all might regret asking about it.

So to answer Shannon, Katie A, Anonymous, and JP Comedy, yes there is a significant other. I’m currently head over heels and we’re totally in the beginning schmoop stages. He’s a wonderful man and treats me better than I ever thought possible.

Moving on, TNT Coach Ken had two questions. One was if I had any advice on how he could be an overall winner at a race. To this I answer: One Mile Fun Run. You can take those kids down Ken! The second question was if he could wear his red dress two years in a row to the red dress hash. To this I answer: No. Puh-leeze, Ken, anyone who is a serious fashionista knows that one must get a new red dress every year. Now get thee to K-Mart, where all fashionistas shop.

Shannon also asked what chore I hate the most and what shampoo I use. I get the feeling Shannon is a domestic diva. I hate laundry. I hate folding it and ironing. As for my shampoo I use Pantene Brunette Expressions. It keeps my color longer. That’s right people, I color my hair.

Coach EK asked some questions that I believe were rhetorical. 1. You are the fairest coach of all EK, don’t be silly. 2. Yes, I still love a comedian. A very special, certain comedian. 3. If no one hears the tree that falls, then hell yes there is still a trail run!

Evolving Through Running asked if I wave to oncoming runners or say good morning. Mr. ETR asks a very good question. I always give some sort of acknowledgment. If they don’t return the hello or wave, I just assume they are having a super tough run. Or are a giant asshole.

Harold wanted to know what the weirdest thing I experienced on a run was. Hmmm. This is a tough one. Let’s see, I got chased by a duck one time. And another time I got pooped on by bird. And yet another time P-Funk and I pretended a hill was talking to us. Ok, so pretty much P-Funk and I are the weirdest thing I’ve ever experienced.

Stay tune for the riveting conclusion!