Run 65 miles

Bike 190 miles
Swim 11 miles

Strength 1 hour of Body Pump (two 30 min videos) It’s a start!

Current Reads I’m still working on the Big Book of Endurance Training and Racing and I must admit it’s slow going. I’m terrible at reading non-fiction. I did finish Article 5 last month and it was a nice, guilty pleasure. I have a few ebooks I’m looking at reading this month. I just have to get through the other one first. I cannot read more than one book at once because one book always wins out.
Current Obsession Does triathlon count? Because now that I’ve done two this season, I’m all about it. I want to swim, bike, run my face off.
Current Song Ok, she got me. Those damn girl rappers. I love them. I’m talking about this chick right here…

Current Need Bike. Speed. For real. I know, I know. Ride the bike more.
Current Triumph Having a great race at St. Anthony’s. Of course, I want to do it again and do it better but I’m damn happy I had an overall great day!
Current Bane of My Existence The WORST wetsuit neck rash of all time. I swear that it’s only this bad in saltwater! I think the buoyancy or the saltwater itself makes the chafing extra awful. I’ve used every lube under the sun. I may just wear a bandage or moleskin next time. It’s THAT bad.
Current Goal Bike, bike, bike. Oh and that 70.3 at the end of the month.
Current Indulgence Just bought THIS necklace from Stella and Dot. It’s gorgeous and can be worn multiple ways. What? Sometimes a girl needs something sparkly. (I used credits from hosting a party so it’s wasn’t quite this expensive, for the record.)
Current Blessings Too many to count, but definitely my friends and family this month. I love you guys.
Current Excitement Going to see OutKast, Cake, and Vampire Weekend this weekend! I’m so incredibly excited!
Checking in on 2014 Goals My reading goal was met with one book but I feel it slipping so I need to get on that. I also need to get back to the three bike rides per week. And, the S.O. and I are really working on eating healthier this month. We are terrible influences on each other so we’re going to work on that too. I also bought the Body Pump DVD’s and weights to do at home! This is a very good thing to get me to do any strength training at all.
How was your month? Staying on top of those goals?