Man, this year is flying by! It’s May and this means only TWO months until we are off to France for Le Tour. I. Cannot. Wait. But first, here’s how my April shaped up.

Run 100 miles

Bike 13 miles

Swim 10 miles

Strength & Conditioning 1 session…oops.

Races St Anthony’s Olympic distance triathlon relay

Current Reads I finished All the Birds in the Sky and adored it. It was so magical and strange. If you like The Magicians, definitely check that one out. I’m currently reading Elizabeth is Missing and it’s maddening. I can’t wait to see how it ends. I’ve got a book on the way from Amazon so I’m ready for a new one as soon as I finish Elizabeth is Missing. I buy a ton of books from Amazon because you can purchase them used for super cheap.

Current Obsession Trail races. I did my first one yesterday and now I’m all RUN ALL THE TRAILS! I know I’m nowhere near being an actual trail runner yet, but I had so much fun yesterday that I cannot wait to run more. My race report will be up tomorrow.

Current Song Beyonce’s Formation. Tori and I went to her concert on Friday and it was outstanding. I was a Bey fan before, but now I’m a full on Beyhive member. #ISlay

Current Need More love, less hate. I’m looking at you social media keyboard cowards.

Current Triumph Trail race finish! I needed that. Oh, and remember how last month I was lamenting grocery shopping? I solved that by buying pre-made lunch meals for the week from FitLife foods. It’s less money than eating out and it saves me from food prep. Not to mention the meals are delicious and healthy!

Current Bain of My Existence Melasma. Melasma is dark spots on the skin that some women can get from hormones (birth control, pregnancy, etc.). I get melasma during the summer and I have to be super vigilant with sunscreen. I used to only see it on my upper lip. Like I had a mustache, which was suuuuuper awesome. But now I can see it on my forehead. Fortunately I got a hydroquinone prescription from the dermatologist that helps.

Current Goal Run hard, but enjoy my 5K this weekend.

Current Indulgence Last night the S.O. and I celebrated my trail run with a delicious meal that ended in churros with caramel sauce for dessert. It was delicious!

Current Blessings Getting my shit together. I’d been in a funk the last few months and I’m feeling like I am pulling out of it.

Current Excitement I have so many fun things coming up! First, I get to see my sister at the end of the month and I can’t wait for a sister’s weekend of sun and fun. Plus, I’ve got tickets to Florence + The Machine and Hall and Oates! Followed by the donut race (eeks!) and my first night trail race! So much awesome coming down the line.