Happy September! I’m so sad the summer is leaving us. I love long days and wearing flip flops everywhere. I’m sad to see the summer end but of course, as a runner, I’m looking very forward to cooler running temps. I never do a monthly recap but I figured it would be fun for a change of pace. I’m shamelessly stealing this format from my bestie, Red. At least I’m giving her credit right?
Run: 119 miles, hello marathon base building
Bike: 46 miles, this is much lower than I realized. I must get it together.
Swim: 6 miles, need to ramp this up for the 5K swim in January
Races: Courage to Tri sprint triathlon. Overall a fun race with a less than stellar 5K run. I blame the 119 miles of running this month (tired legs).
Current Reads: I have sadly not been reading much other than magazines and blogs. I need a new book. I did read the second Game of Thrones book but I’m in need of a change.
Current Obsession: I’ve been watching Dexter from the first season since I didn’t have Showtime before moving in with the S.O. I’m up to season 6 and I still can’t get enough. It’s held my attention for a lot longer than I expected.
Current Song: Katy Perry, Roar. Yup. She sucked me right in with this one. I’m not ashamed. You go Katy. 
Current Need: Fast fingers for a very special registration tomorrow….
Current Triumph: A stellar 16 mile long run on Saturday. It was the confidence booster I needed. And, more importantly, a fantastic day fundraising for Cystic Fibrosis Cycle for Life.
Current Bane of My Existence: Extreme humidity.
Current Goal: To have more fun during this marathon training cycle. I realized that taking such a long break between marathons has made it very tough to get back on the wagon.
Current Indulgence: The occasional Saturday Coca-Cola.
Current Blessings: A pretty awesome boyfriend and fun new friends.
Current Excitement: Halloween is coming! A little beach staycation! A very big race registration!

How did your August go? Excited about Halloween too? (Yes, I know it’s a month away. Haha!)