I can’t believe it’s already September. I’ve been at my new job over 6 months now! Time flies when you’re doing what you love! I’m really looking forward to the rest of this month and October, which is of course, my favorite month of the year. Bring on the Halloween! But first, let’s see how my August shook out.
Run 107 miles. Oh hey return to big run miles! I like it.
Bike Nada
Swim 4 miles. This will continue to ramp up a bit as I prepare for the Tampa Bay Frogman 5K. You still have time to donate to the Navy SEAL Foundation!
Strength 5 sessions with Coach Jon & the Tribe. I’m seeing improvements in strength training for sure now. I can plank a little bit longer and I’m not nearly as sore as I was when I first started.
Yoga 0 Ugh. I really got get back to it.
Races Nope. Thanks to a stupid head cold that lasted for a full week and a half!
Current Reads I finished both, Remember Me This Way and First They Killed My Father, and the former annoyed me while the latter was devastating. Very different reads and I’d recommend both. I am now on to The Silent Girls and want to pick up a book that Michelle recommended called In a Dark, Dark Wood. Both of these are thrillers and getting me amped even more for Halloween!
Current Obsession Is it dumb to say running? I mean, this IS a running blog but looking back at August, I’ve been super focused and really enjoying running!
Current Song I realized I hadn’t been listening to regular radio in a while and had no idea what was being played so I took some time to listen to Top 40 and see what was “hip.” Man, am I out of the loop. Ha! I did hear this song a few times and it’s grown on me. I can’t feel my face sometimes, but it’s normally after going to the dentist.

Current Need New work heels. I had a go to pair of heels that just broke. RIP Nine West black heels.
Current Triumph A great month of workouts. Reviewing August shows me I’m getting stronger and that is a big fat win.
Current Bain of My Existence Back to school traffic. It’s been a cluster in the mornings again. I will miss Summer for this reason for sure.
Current Goal More swimming and get in some yoga for Pete’s sake!
Current Indulgence Carbs. I’m joking but I had to say something about my diet, right? I’m doing really well actually. Mindful eating and all that stuff.
Current Blessings My new baby nephew who was born last month. He’s perfect. Now I can be the crazy aunt to TWO awesome little dudes. I’ll always have gum.
Current Excitement Speaking of my adorable nephews, I get to see them in two weeks as I head to NOLA for a visit. Squeeeeeeee!!!!