In October, a company called Aurorae approached me about offering a review and giveaway on this here blog for their “Sport & Swim Towel.” Considering the crazy amounts of swimming I knew were coming my way, I was all in. I’ve already swam 15 miles this month! The Frogman 5K cometh…
Upon receiving my towel, I immediately took it to swim practice that night. I was skeptical, because a towel is a towel right? Well, sorta, but not really. I know that makes a lot of sense, but bear with me. This towel is actually pretty cool. I typically use towels that I’ve purchased from CVS or Walgreens while on my way to the beach. You, know, those $9.99 towels that feel soaking wet after you use them? This was NOT that kind of towel.
This Aurorae towel is one of those fancy, microfiber towels. It’s great! I used it a few times to really see how I felt about it because I was still a towel-is-a-towel sort of person.

Suuuuuper cheeseball – but dry!
See how big that towel is? It’s a great size and there really is something to that whole microfiber thing. It dried me off great and the towel itself didn’t feel like a big, soppy washcloth after I used it. Plus, it feels the exact same amount of fluffy and absorbent after washing.
I used it after a run the next go round and it helped keep my car seat dry on the quick drive home post run. It’s been my go-to towel as of late and I’ve even done a special load of laundry to ensure I have it for my next swim practice. It’s finally getting cooler out and drying off quickly is a must!

How many ways can I post with a towel?
I admit I was a skeptic about this towel, but I really like it and I think it would be AMAZING for hot yoga. If I can ever get my butt back to a class…
Are you ready to win one of your own? Click on the rafflecopter below and hop to it. The giveaway will end on Monday, November 30, 2015.
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