Welcome to Friday folks, also known as The Greatest Day of The Work Week (TGTWW). I am basically a zombie today because this week has just been crazy at work. Classes started this week and it’s been non-stop student advising for me. In any event, I am glad it’s Friday and I can’t wait to see Red tomorrow.

I am nervous about our 20 miler. I think I need to slow it down on the first 10 miles because I’ve been going out too fast on these long runs lately. I think it’s been happening because I have gotten faster in my shorter distances and haven’t fully realized the right pace for my long runs.

Anywho, I am glad it’s Friday and hope you all have a great one. A local radio station here plays this song every Friday (a different station than the one that plays my beloved booty jam) and it always makes me smile. Enjoy and TGITGDTWW.