I don’t normally post on Friday but since I do what I want, I figured, what the hell. After Wednesday’s test run my leg was fairly normal on Thursday and the PT told me I should keep up with the ever other day working out that I’ve been doing. She wasn’t ticked I ran a mile but let me know that I should keep it to a mile only for a bit. I agree with her on that but I don’t know if I can continue this every other day crap. 
I may have mentioned this before but I have a pair of jeans that I call the “barometers.” These are jeans I bought right before my first marathon in 2009. Yes, they are that old. However, they are GREAT jeans and considering they were about $150, I’d say I’ve gotten my money’s worth out of them. (Citizens of Humanity brand, if you must know.) 
Anyway, when I bought them they were pretty tight. We all know that when buying denim it’s safe to purchase them nice and snug because denim tends to stretch, especially if you wear it a few thousand times before washing. So these jeans have been my “barometer” so to speak on weight gain. Mind you, I don’t think I’m fat, nor did I think I was fat when I bought them. Actually I was pumped when I bought them because I had lost about 30 pounds the year before so I was still on the, “Look at this size!” high when buying clothes. 
It was only after marathon number three that these barometers starting getting looser and I’d pay close attention to them every time I wore them. They haven’t ever been as tight as they were when I first got them, however, since I’ve been very side lined with this Hampton of mine I decided to give them the test today. Unfortunately, they are tight. My poor thunder thighs are definitely getting the squeeze. Fortunately, they are still wearable. But it doesn’t help me from being pissed about the fact that when I work out I tend to have a much easier time eating better. I mentioned this on twitter and a few twerps agreed with me. It’s frustrating. I know I can be an “emotional” eater and trust me, when I can’t run, I’m emotional. 
On the plus side, I’m coming out of this injury so I’m hopeful that the barometers won’t get much tighter or the button may fly off and kill someone. I’m also trying to be better at watching what I eat during this cardio hiatus. And to top that all off, I’m trying to laugh more. I hear it’s the best medicine. 
Have a great long weekend peeps. I’ll be eating celery and riding my bike. Remember to have a DD on hand for those Memorial Day beverages. 

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