On my shiny new training plan I’ve been put to the test in terms of rebuilding my speed. I am not complaining because as I sit here writing this post it breaks my heart that one of my most favorite people in the entire world is dealing with injury that is yet again sidelining her from the marathon. She’s taking it in stride and is a constant reminder of how to be strong when life hands you turds lemons.
We all learn lessons from our friends and man are they important. For example, I am reminded that injuries can happen in our sport and how we deal with them says a lot about our character. And it’s a reminder to me not to whine about my pace. (Red actually told me of that the other day before she really knew about her injury. “Just be happy you can run!” See how smart she is?)
I had tough workouts the past two days and my legs are definitely tired and more than thrilled that today is a cross train day. The pool awaits me this evening.
On Monday, I headed over to the new FitNiche group run with a couple bloggy pals and a few other friends. My plan called for three miles easy and one mile faster. I got a little caught up with these speedy peeps and probably should have taken it easier those first three miles. Thank goodness that Stephanie was there to pull me that last mile. It was tough! When we looked at our splits, I was thrilled to see some eights in there. I sent my coach a text, “9:02, 8:48, 9:20, 8:24!” He responded with “Nice job. Trust me it will get a lot faster than that.” I responded, “I hope so.” And like a good, motivating coach, he sent, “Not hope so, u will.” Exchanges like these are important to me and I am definitely happy to run again regardless.
Post run with the gang.
Last night was Track Tuesday. I was praying to the track Gods for some relief from 1,200s. I would have loved an 800 or even a 400, but when I showed up and looked at the workout board, this is what I saw:
Yep. One thousands. If you look where it says workout, you’ll see three 1,000’s and a final mile. (Every week there is an optional mile after the main set. I rarely do the optional mile. Yes, I’m a slacker.)
The workouts are based times and I’m currently running with group 7B (not shown). This put my 1,000’s at 4:43 each and my mile at 7:40. I am happy to report that I made the 1,000’s with a second or two to spare. The mile, however, was another story. My group split up on this one and as I fell behind Casey, who was in the lead, I felt certain she was going too fast. I was thinking she had to be running 6:40! Of course she wasn’t, but it’s ok because I made the whole workout even though I really wanted to quit by the 1,200 of this last mile. My final mile time was 7:50 and I’m ok with that.
The thing about these workouts is that I’m relearning how to turn my legs over and yes, I’m going to focus on being happy to run again, even when I don’t make the time goals.
We can always learn valuable lessons from our friends, I just wish I could have learned a lesson about how to make a snowman versus the one that Red taught me today.