Monday is that you again? Dang. I tell you to beat it every week and you just keep coming back. Like an STD. (Hm. Was that too far over the line?)

So today the ankle is still wonky. I have been R.I.C.E.-ing it like a mo-fo and am thinking about my work out this evening. No, I won’t be running but I will get in some quality cross training. I guess the running gods are forcing me to do some strength training. (See that Tammy?)

I have a nice little pilates DVD that I may dust off. I also have a pretty decent gym at my apartment complex (AKA East Compton). I also have a pool for some laps and can play some apartment fetch with the Attack Terrier Lloyd. It seems that I am all set for some non-running work outs.

That’s all well and good, but what about my mental training? What do you all do during injuries to stay mentally focused? How do you make it through the rest breaks without going postal?

My roomie, the Attack Terrier Lloyd, and my co-workers would appreciate your help before I eat their faces off. (Not really, but I would like some advice.)