I mosied over to Orlando last night and stayed at Redhead Running’s place. We watched a bit of “He’s Just Not That Into You” before I had to get in bed or I was going to zonk out on Redhead’s couch. The movie, by the way was pretty cute and kind of sad at the same time. Sad because it’s basically a look at my life in the dating pool. But I digress, that’s a whole other blog.

This morning we did 8 miles and I felt great. Right on pace and looking toward adding more miles as the weeks go by. As per my usual discomBOBulated self, I had an extra adventure at about mile 3.

I got pooped on.

That’s right. I felt what I thought was a large droplet of water falling off a tree hit my shoulder. To my surprise, I looked at my shoulder and realized it was not water but a bird turd.

Redhead and I busted out laughing. I tried to tell her that getting pooed on by a bird is considered good luck. I don’t think she believed me.