My affair started innocently enough. I had a rough break-up. My heart was broken and I was seeking solace in the warm embrace of another. I’d been down this road before. I was hurt and couldn’t quite get myself to do anything but complain and whine about it.

So, I was introduced to something new and exciting. And I relished the newness of the relationship and am currently watching it bloom.

I have to admit, it’s getting pretty hot. And I’m completely sore today from it. I’m hoping that the feelings will last as I’m getting so much joy from this new relationship…

But as we all know, those who have hurt us in the past sometimes pop back up to entice us once again.

I suppose my love affair is more of a love triangle now…

Hot Yoga meet Running, Running meet Hot Yoga.

What did you all think I was talking about? Sheesh. You sickos.

I kid, I kid. Seriously though, the hot yoga is really growing on me and I already feel stronger in my core from it. But, I still need my run and tomorrow I’ll ramp it up a notch to 14 miles. Keeping my fingers crossed that it goes well cause this run will really help determine the fate of MCM.

Happy Friday beeches. May your work day be short, and your weekend be long.