There is nothing like Boston Marathon Monday. I seriously doubt that any of us get any actual work done while watching the pro’s and our friends. Congratulations to all of you and BIG shout out to Keara who hit a PR AT BOSTON IN CRAZY WEATHER. You is my hero.
As reported on Friday, I had a fun open water mile swim planned for Saturday. Prior to the swim my buddy Hugo and I met up for a quick 30 minute run. It was so nice to sleep until the late, late hour of 6 AM. Haha.
Hugo and I.
The swim started at 9 AM and the weather was absolutely gorgeous for a swim. (It’s hot for running already. Boo.) Fellow blogger & friend Steph decided to join me for this swim as well and I was happy to see a bunch of other familiar faces. In standard Discombobulated fashion, the suit I selected was well past it’s expiration date and I was worried about giving everyone a full moon. Sorry other swimmers, beach goers and sea life.
I haven’t been swimming a ton so I got a little nervous beforehand about how slow I would be going and since there was an option to get out of the water at the turn back (half mile out and back) I figured if I was dying I’d just pop out. Of course as the swim got going I knew I couldn’t swim the half mile and hear the end of it. So I swam to the turn around and looked at my Garmin. I saw a 12:56 and was happy with that. I figured I could finish it in about 30 minutes.
The way back was a bit tougher. The water was fairly choppy and we were swimming against the current. I popped up a few times and saw others doing the same. Another woman and I kept tabs on each other and I did breaststroke a few times to get a break from the waves. Slowly but surely I passed the buoys and saw the left turn back to shore. As soon as I could stand I broke into a run and crossed the finish line. My swim time was 30:10.
It’s nice to have fast friends like Steph who can snap a bunch of pics after they’ve been done for like three days. Ha! Thanks Steph!
Steph wins for swimsuit of the day!
After the swim we headed across the street to Hooters for wings and beer. At 10:30 AM. Totally worth it. And to top that off I was a top finisher having come in as the fourth place female finisher. Not too shabby, but also a very small race. Whatever. I’ll take what I can get. Hee hee.
It’s a major award!
The rest of my Saturday was spent relaxing on the couch and snuggling Lloyd. It was glorious. I headed to bed early because I had my long run on Sunday.
My long run was disappointing because I wanted to stick to the pick up miles that coach had on my plan but after the first go round of pick ups I was in bad shape. I had two hours on my plan so I dialed it down and ran from water fountain to water fountain as a way to keep going. I’m not sure if it was the mega humidity or what but I was so happy to be finished. I was literally counting down the minutes until this run was over. I’m not going to sweat it. Tough runs make us stronger, right?
I headed home after my run and got ready for one of my most favorite things ever ever ever. Volunteering with the Special Olympics! I’ve been put on the volunteer email list and I’m trying to go to as many events as I can. They always tell me thank you but I truly feel like I should be thanking them. I get so much more out of these events than I feel like I put in.
I had a really fun job of being scorekeeper for this volleyball invitational and I was nervous at first but after the first game I knew I had the hang of it.
Best job ever.
And that is how my weekend went. How was yours? Happy Monday.