The B.o.B is back! Back from the land of Charlie Sheen and In-N-Out Burger. And let’s not forget my one celebrity sighting….

Yeah, no one else knew who it was either. Why it’s none other than Kato Kaelin. You don’t know who that is? Ok, so fine I am the only one who remembers him from the OJ Simpson trial. He was the random dude staying in the Simpson guest house on the night of the murder. He was a witness of sorts and was completely useless in his testimony since he kept being consistently inconsistent. And of course, he was the one “celeb” (I use those air quotes on celeb here) on my plane from Milwaukee to LA. Lucky me. Here he is at the airport being interviewed by TMZ, who BTW, almost knocked me down getting over to this dude. Kato did seem totally excited to be recognized and eager to talk. Sorry for the poor photo, it’s from Dr. H’s cell phone. She had no clue who he was either. Man, I could totally work for TMZ as the photog who recognizes people who used to be famous for no apparent reason at all. Sweet!I’ll have more photos from my trip up soon and of course since this is a running blog, I’ll have posts not related to celebrity has-beens. Heh. Yes, indeed. The B.o.B. is back.