I’ve got a lot going on in October. I wanted to fill you all in on some upcoming events and what not, because I am sure you cannot sleep at night without knowing what good old B.o.B. is up too.

First things first. I ran! I ran! I ran! I ran a 5 whole miles last night and it felt great. It was a blessing to run without major pain and as God is my witness I will never be hungry again! Er, sorry about that, I am so dramatic. Just call me Scarlett.

I kept a pretty good pace and immediately went home and dunked my foot in a bucket of ice water. My ankle was a tad sore but feels fine today. Not too worry, I am taking it slow with our reunion.

Now on to the events.

As you all know I am heading to Chicago on October 9th to root on the Redhead, Speedy Jess, Spike, Gatorate, and the rest of you at the Chicago Marathon.

The following weekend, October 16th, I am heading to Detroit for the Detroit Marathon. And guess what? I’ll be at the Expo working for Women’s Running Magazine. Please come by our booth and say hello! And of course, get a subscription!

In other event news, I got a sweet part time job at a smallish concert venue here in town. I work the V.I.P. door and it’s a very fun gig thus far. I get to watch free concerts and make some extra money. It’s only a few nights a month but so far it’s one of the easiest jobs I’ve ever had. I’ll let you all know if I meet any rock stars.

Until tomorrow, keep running and to those of you tapering – it’s almost GO TIME!