By now I assume that most of you have either seen or heard about the documentary on Netflix called The Barkley Marathons: The Race that Eats its Young. If you haven’t, go ahead and get out from under that rock and go watch it. Right now.

As back story here, I’ve been feeling a little adventurous lately. Since I don’t have any big races coming up I’ve wanted to branch out some and try other events. In fact, I told the S.O. a few weeks ago I wanted to try one of those cyclo-cross races. He looked at me like I was insane (again). I rode my bike and promptly changed my mind on that, but that urge to do something different has been lingering for a while.

Enter the Netflix documentary about Barkley where ultra runners slash outdoorspeople slash people-who-can-read-maps-and-compasses sign up to run this batshit psychotic race through a park inĀ Tennessee…that has 54,000+ feet of climbing. Obviously, not something I could tackle out of the gate. Or ever for that matter, but it got me thinking…

I have a bunch of friends who are ultra runners. And a bunch of friends who love trail running. Plus, the one partial trail race I did a while back I really, really enjoyed. This naturally lead me to anĀ internet search on local(ish) upcoming trail runs.

And voila! I found one. It’s a trail run at night. Even better! I can cut my trail running teeth on a seven miler in the dark. I mean, what could go wrong? I’m kidding sort of because these aren’t technical trails and I will have the brightest headlamp money can buy.

Trail Runner 1: “Who’s the lady running with the light tower?”
Trail Runner 2: “No idea but I heard her talking about doing Barkley Marathons next.”
Trail Runner 1 & 2 simultaneously: *maniacal laughter*

I’ll be running this event in June with a few friends so if you all have any night racing tips, I’m all ears. I was already told to carry hydration, wear a headlamp, and that snakes in Florida are friendly and like to be picked up. I’m not really sure on that last one.

I feel as though one of two things could happen at this race. One, I bust my face and vow never to run a trail race again. Or two, I bust my face and want to run as many trail races as I can find. I seem to be a glutton for punishment.

Let the record show that I am going into this fully aware that I’ll be running a lot slower and more than likely, enjoying every minute of it.