Big news. We (Redhead and B.o.B.) mean like, huge. Gigantic. News. Bigger than the Boston Marathon big. One might even venture to say…JURASSIC!

We have started another blog. We know that you all, like us, already read 34,569,863,783 other blogs. What’s one more right? This new blog will be a tad more risque and since it shows our real names, please don’t stalk us. We both already have stalkers who don’t appreciate newbies on their turf. You’ve been warned.

This new blog is through Creative Loafing and will be a joint effort on our parts. We may actually even get paid for it. Gasp! By paid, we mean like $5 a week. Maybe. (That should cover a Gu or two.) The more you click, the more chances we have of getting paid.* See that’s where you come in.

Not only do you get more hilarious hijinks from B.o.B. and the Redhead, you also get a chance to help us pay our bills! Hooray! Hm. Not enough incentive to head over there? Fine. Be that way. Make us buy your love.

Today we are hosting our first GIVEAWAY! (Read: Bribe)***

All you need to do is head over to the new blog (scroll down for the first entry) and come back here and comment about it. That’s it. Simple really. If you want to increase your chances leave us both a comment. One entry per person per blog comment.**

Oh, of course you want to know what your prize is. Since we have a mixed bag of readers we thought that someplace where you could not only purchase running stuff, books, shoes, magazines, hell you could even get yourself one of these, was the best way to go. So your prize is a $25 Gift Card from

Now get going.


B.o.B and the Redhead

*A commenter brought up a good point. Our personal blogs will still be updated more frequently. The Creative Loafing blog will be more of a weekly. No need to worry kittens.
**Drawing Sunday via random selection. Reveal Monday!
*** Giveaway is closed. 8/03/09