I got up at the butt crack of dawn today. I was determined to get my borrowed road bike on the actual road. I had been riding my other bike and since I had my biking fundamentals class with Navy Steve (that’s Biking 101) last week I figured I better get out there and practice. I didn’t ride much of this week or last due to rain and scheduling. Also known as the L-A-Z-Y sickness.

I’m happy to report that today I actually road the bike on the, well, road. Normally I’d stick to the sidewalk cause I’m a total scaredy cat, but today I ventured to a neighborhood with minimal traffic where lots of bikers and runners are. It’s normally a place I run but lots of cyclists are out there too.

I rode a whopping 4 miles and felt I shouldn’t over do it because I’m still getting used to the way my “undercarriage” feels after. Owie. And getting used to the bike in general. (Baby steps people, baby steps.) When I got back to my car I decided to throw in a two mile run. Just for shiggles (IE – shits and giggles).

I am not gonna lie to you people, the first mile was weird. My legs felt all wobbly and I’m pretty sure I looked like a newborn giraffe. However, when I got to the one mile mark I noticed I ran an 8:41 mile which isn’t too bad considering I wasn’t trying to go fast and again, felt like Lieutenant Dan with new legs. Mile two went even better and I’m happy I got my ice cream eating butt out there.

While I know this isn’t huge by way of numbers, since some of you tri people out there are smirking at my 6 mile brick, I will say this is a big deal for me. I am going to be proud of myself today because I got out there. In the dark (yay for multiple lights on me and the bike!). On the road. And I’m gonna do it again.

TGIF peeps. Have a great weekend.