Well folks it’s Tuesday already and my work training is finally over. I got the third best grade in my class. I know what you are saying…”Third? Really? Should you be bragging about that?” To answer your questions, yes, yes, and yes I should. I will not mention how I think I was robbed and how I think the grading scale was skewed. But in any event, I am still awesome. (My competitiveness knows no bounds these days.)

Friday’s Ragnar Relay is bearing down on me and my team and I think we are ready! We are team Half Nuts and it looks like a very fun group. My legs don’t look too scary (again, not my actual legs, the legs I am running). If any of you haven’t heard about Ragnar go to this site and check it out. It’s a very cool event.

The Redhead and I have been put in charge of first aid kits and decorations. At first glance it seems a bit odd to have us do those two things. However, when you really think about it, it makes total sense. I love markers, Redhead loves decorating, I love ice packs, Redhead loves tiger balm and ace bandages. See? Total. Sense.

Redhead and I are in a van with some characters I have mentioned before. Our fearless leader is Jesus John. We also have Caribbean Steve, New Jen, P-Funk, and Young J. Should be an entertaining group. There was already talk of a pajama run on the second leg.

I can’t wait for this event and hope you’ll come back next week for the report. Stay tuned for Thursday’s thanks and have a great week!