I’m not quite sure what happened this week but I am feeling damn sassy. I admit that I was in a funk the last few weeks that I’ve been pulling myself out of and bringing sassy back. Yes, I have bad days just like everyone else but I like to keep the blog positive because quite frankly most of my bad days are what we all know as #whitegirlproblems. I’m certainly not diminishing those days were I’m all “FEEL ALL THE FEELINGS!” because they are legitimate feelings even if in the grand scheme of things everything is pretty damn good and typically works itself out.
My training is clicking, it’s my favorite month of the year, and it’s absolutely gorgeous outside. Lloyd is still a cuddle muffin extraordinaire even if I sometimes think he’s an asshole for barking at 6 AM when he wants to go out. As I’m on my way to the door. Because I already know he has to go out. In case you missed seeing him on the blog, here he is:
“I love laps!”
I guess in writing this post I just need to vent that it’s ok to be grey sometimes. It’s ok to let yourself be sad and let others know it. It’s not ok, however, to let it take over and fester and turn into something more than run of the mill blues. This is what friends and family are for. They listen and hug and joke. And if that doesn’t work, sometimes an outside party will. Sometimes it’s really nice to talk to someone who doesn’t know you from Adam Eve and yes, I’m talking about therapy. I’ve absolutely gone to a therapist and I am not at all ashamed of this. It’s way better than telling total strangers about how you have a fear of holes or can’t stand to hear people chewing. (Both real! And I may have one of these afflictions. I’ll let you guess which.)

That being said, I’m just so dang happy to have my sassy pants on again because I had been missing them. They are quite comfortable and my ass looks amazing.