I must first point out that today is Wednesday. However, it will not be wordless since I used up my wordless posts for the week yesterday. I must also point out that this is the SECOND time I’ve been mixed up on my days and been called out on it, and quickly I might add. That’s what I get for smoking the crack.

Just kidding. Whitney lay off the crack!!!!

In other news, on today, this being Wednesday, I thought I would share with you all that Dolly got a tune up. Yup. Bicycles require tune ups. Who’d thunk it? Well, not me. But I guess other folks who are bicycle-y-inclined would have known that.

Apparently the tune up involves making sure the wheels are true (AKA not all wobbly like your legs after a long ride), brake adjustment (totally need that for reals!), checking chains, and some other bicycle-y stuff. I suppose one could learn to do this for themselves if they were so inclined. I am not so inclined. The good news is that my first one was free. Score!

Remember when I went all Three Stooges on Dolly at St Anthony’s Tri? Well, I did. And I got grease all over her lovely white taped handlebars. And she’s been looking like a hot mess ever since. And honestly, I would prefer Dolly to maintain her sexy. So I had the handlebars re-taped in black. Black is more slimming after all.

*Queue catcalls and whistling*

*Yes, that is a small dog successfully photo-bombing Dolly’s sexy back photo shoot.

I’m totally looking forward to my race this weekend now that Dolly’s all taped and lubed and ready to go. I’ll admit that I’m actually excited for this race and feel much, much more prepared than I did for St A’s. Granted this race is supposed to be somewhat hilly so we’ll see what shakes loose.