Today marked the coldest run I have ever done. Granted, I live in Florida and anything below 70 is cold to me. However, temperatures dropped below freezing last night and I awoke to frost on the grass and ice on my car. “Twenty eight degrees,” is what the weather dude said when I got out of bed.

As I rubbed my eyes and looked over at my special boy, Lloyd, I realized that it was nice and toasty in my apartment. Usually I wake up freezing because my roommate, I’m pretty sure, is Mr. Freeze. He likes to keep it cold in our place and I normally don’t mind as again, we live in Florida and I like it cool when I sleep.

I wondered about the toastiness, and sure enough, Mr. Freeze had turned on the heater! Well bless his heart! The last time it got this chilly I told him Lloyd was shivering and I think it almost made him cry. He loves Lloyd more than he loves me and I have known him since we were 14. (Lloyd is pretty damn cute though so it’s understandable.)

Anyway, I put on two long sleeved shirts and a hoodie. I also threw on some gloves and a 1970’s style sweat band to keep my ears warm. I really need one of those ear muff thingies. Oh and yes, I also had on pants, shoes, and socks. Heh.

I must hand it to you folks who live up North. I don’t know how you do it. While I did warm up a bit, my legs never felt warm and my toes weren’t too happy either. I’m hoping that this cold ish doesn’t last too long, but if it does I know who to ask if I need some advice on cold weather running (Red and Spike to start!).

Happy Tuesday kids, stay warm.