Hello there! I’m happy to report that I am no longer down with the sickness. I woke up still pretty snot infested on Saturday, but by Sunday I was feeling a ton better. I skipped the track 5K, which I was bummed about. But I did do a bit of light running on Sunday just to stay within doctors orders…sorta. And this morning I was well enough to hit up the master’s swim with no snot rockets.
Speaking of master’s swimming, there’s a new-to-me coach that’s fabulous. No more just completing a workout off a sheet of paper. This is a real, legit group workout. I was sucking wind big time but it’s exactly what I need to prepare for the Frogman 5K. We had a 200 meter time trial today (3:49 oof.) and that was tough after taking so much time off. I’ll be happy to see that number come down as I get stronger.
And speaking of stronger…
I debated posting this because everyone has BIG opinions on diets and nutrition but I’ll just put on my earmuffs should you have any opinion different than mine. Kidding, kidding.
Let me start by saying THIS IS WHAT I AM TRYING FOR ME. And I AM NOT A DOCTOR. Nor AM I A NUTRITIONIST, PERSONAL TRAINER, or DOLPHIN TRAINER. That last thing has nothing to do with this post. Just making sure you read all the big, capitalized words.
Also, I’m super duper hopeful that I can do this. I’ve been known to back slide with food on many, many occasions. (Haven’t we all though? It’s hard!) This is part of the reason I’m going into all of this here on the “Accountability Machine.”
As you may know, I went through that whole gain a bunch of weight during college thing by eating and drinking a bunch of junk and not ever working out. I was very unhappy with how I looked and more importantly, how I felt. So after I graduated college I made a change. I started the South Beach Diet and began my journey with fitness. First, at the gym doing every cardio class I could get my hands on, and then into running.
I did really well with South Beach and made it a lifestyle for about eight years. But… then I started sliding backwards. I began buying cereal again. And eating way too indulgently on the weekends. I was maintaining but as the years progressed, the more carby, sugary processed foods returned to my diet. Can you say Cheez-Its?
I’ve now seen the scale go up by about ten pounds. And while the majority of my clothes all still fit, my barometer jeans are unbearably tight. Like stuffed sausages tight. I know I’ve been doing the relationship fun eating thing with the S.O., even though since he has Celiac he still seems to eat healthier than I do when we go out. Plus, he’s a naturally tall and lean dude with a high metabolism. The jerk.
I’ve discussed all this with my close friends Meghan and Tori, as well as my sister, and all three have said that I look great. As good friends do. This is obviously awesome to hear but I know that I’m letting too much junk in to be healthy. And I know that to run my very best and eventually (fingers crossed) qualify for Boston, I need to be in tippy top shape. This means healthy and lean!
Lately, I’ve been feeling extra focused and motivated. I think it’s taken me a while (almost a year actually!) post ironman to have that fire re-lit and regain some running confidence. And I don’t mean confidence that I’m where I want to be, but confidence to know that I can absolutely get to where I want to be. That’s the key difference in what seemed to be missing for several months.
Ok great, so what?
So, I’m heading back to my roots and cutting the sugar and carbs for two weeks. (It’s phase 1 of South Beach Diet.) And while, yes, it’s a “diet” it has worked for me and after those two weeks I reintroduce “good” carbs, like sweet potatoes and whole grains. I know that there is a big debate about low carbs/high fat and endurance athletes but again, I know what works for me. (And as an aside, following South Beach tends to be low in calories naturally, even though I won’t be counting them. And I’m not going buckwild with like pork rinds and chicken wings. It’s a healthy diet, I promise.)
Is this going to be hard? Yes. Will I tell you if I don’t make it? Yes. Will it be worth it? You bet your butt.
I’m working out how I’ll fuel for my long run this weekend and next but with a little input from friends who eat this way regularly, I think I’ve got it under control. After this first two weeks, I may continue fueling this way if it works. If not, I’ll try other carb sources or go back to gels if I have to. It’s going to be trial and error.
I started my two weeks yesterday. I know the first three to five days are the toughest as your body works through the sugar withdrawal. I’m ready for it and told the S.O. just to ignore me if I fall asleep mid-sentence or act really grouchy. Ha!
I’m in NO WAY SHAPE OR FORM advocating or telling any of you how to eat. This, again, is something that has worked for me and I’d like to try it again. Let’s just say this is an experiment you get to watch. I’ll be your running guinea pig.
That’s it for now. I will keep you all posted and if you see me licking the windows at the cupcake shop just gently nudge me along…