Yesterday was a bittersweet day for B.o.B.

B.o.b had to say goodbye to a friend…ah the memories of our time spent together will always be cherished. Here’s a look back at one of those happier times….

Ah the moments we shared with the best shark horn ever…Since I purchased Dolly (my new ride) and am on my way to becoming a “real” cyclist (don’t hold your breath here peeps), my beloved borrowed Schwinn must go back to it’s real home with my stepmom. I’ll surely miss this bike and it’s fat tires, Bozo the Clown sounding shark horn, and pedals that don’t make you fall down and go boom. If you happen to be drinking a forty while reading this, please pour some out for my homie. (Also if it’s before ten AM and you are drinking a forty, you may be Charlie Sheen. Winning!)In other news, I completed a sort-of-brick yesterday. I took a spin class at the local Y, taught by my buddy Cay-See and then did a 4 mile run. Too bad the spin and run were separated by about 45 minutes or this may have actually counted as a brick. The good news is that my legs felt fine and I had a pretty quick pace. I’ve decided to bite the bullet and become a Y member. As much as I HATE paying to work out I really need a pool and the bonus of spin classes and other classes help me justify the cost. I chose the Y because I have a lot of friends who work out there and there are quite a few conveniently located around me. So the tri training carries on…here’s hoping I can get comfortable enough with the clips on Dolly to actually make it off the trainer…Happy Monday. Get it!