Things are looking pretty good here in B.o.B.-land. I am said to say however, that like all good things, the Week of Sloth has come to an end. I hit it hard this weekend, and now I must repent. Carbs, wine, and couch – be gone! This little lady is ready to hit the streets again.

I signed up for a 5K on the 27th (let’s see how fast I can go!).

AND the bigger news…

First Triathlon – July 31st. Look out sharks and minnows here I come!

I’m pretty pumped about the above to events, but am also excited about my sister’s wedding this weekend. It should be a good time. I’m very sure that the stanky leg, cabbage patch, and running man will all make an appearance. I’ll try to get a video and some photos so you can all see my mad dancing skills. These are basically the same three or four moves over and over and over. Word!

I did get a 6 miler in on Saturday and was sore and slow. But hey, I just ran a marathon. I also got up at the butt crack of dawn today to meet Speedy Jess for some hills. I ran a whopping 4 and felt good, but not great. I have to hand it to those who are training for Boston. The rest of us are relaxing and they are out there everyday workin’ it. You go BQ’ers!

By the way, I saw the new Alice in Wonderland yesterday, and as a HUGE Alice fan, I must say they did a great job. Any Tim Burton, Helena Bonham Carter, and Johnny Depp collabo really hits the spot on a Sunday. “Off with his head!”

I’m off to work now. Have a super Monday. Toodles.