This weekend shall mark my return to the St. Anthony’s Triathlon in St. Pete. I’ve decided to dub this race…for now anyway….Can’t Get Right. You see, in the movie Life, with Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence there is a character named Can’t Get Right and that’s how I feel about St. Anthony’s and my history with it.
St. Anthony’s is a big deal and it draws tons of talent, both local and professional. It’s a great race, well organized with tons of spectators and an awesome post race party. However, every year that I’ve competed, it’s been completely, for lack of a better word, discombobulated. Again, nothing to do with the race itself, all to do with my standard goofiness.
First of all, the swim was shortened. Not a huge deal since I was very nervous about swimming this distance at the time anyway. Second of all, I had never ridden the distance before I raced it. Bad Idea. Lastly, I totally sucked at T1 and bike riding in general.
I dropped my chain somewhere before I even got on the bike and had zero clue how to get it back on. I stood in front of a mass of spectators swatting at it like a chimpanzee until another athlete, GOD BLESS HER, stopped to help me. Then with a sigh of relief I tried to mount my bike to get going and completely busted ass in front of aforementioned spectators.
After finally getting on my bike it was gearing oddly and I did some loops in a random parking lot on the course. Needless to say I did finish but man this was a shitshow.
I dubbed this race the swim-bike-beer because that’s exactly what I did. I took a DNF because my fake injury was really bothering me. My swim was crappy because my head wasn’t in the game although my ride showed marked improvement. Training does pay off. Who’d have thunk it?
Exhibit C: 2013
Granted, I had a blast both years and mostly because I can laugh at myself and hanging out with so many racing friends afterward is always fun. And this year will be no different. Due to my running hiatus and general lack of training I initially opted to just take this year off. No St. A’s for me. I’d just be a happy spectator. But as my Can’t Get Right luck would have it, Caroline asked me to be on her relay team. And I told her yes in about zero point two seconds.
I’m thrilled to be on a relay so I can compete in some fashion and I do enjoy being on a team. However, at some point, I’d like to complete the whole thing again to redeem myself for the last two years. I’m going to get right with you St. A’s! You just wait.
Happy Friday everyone! Do you have a histor with a race that you need a little redemption? Any racing shitshow stories we should know about?